Can decorators/manufacturers anywhere signup?
Presently, you can sign up if you are a business based in United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, Spain or UK. We continue to add localization and payment gateways for other locations, so please check back again.
How are you different from other decoration/online design software?
Based on years of research, our patented real 3D designer and manufacturing automation software helps designers easily visualize products in real 3D, as they will be manufactured. We are also the only product designer that gets you production ready patterns, to create exactly what was visualized!

Leveraging our decade long experience in providing technology and backend solution to some of the biggest names in the apparel and footwear business, we have built products and features that solve real life problems, that you will not find elsewhere.

We understand manufacturing and what exactly are your pain points and how to fix them. Grow your business on our deep technology foundation. Grow with professionals that truly understand your business.
What products and services do you offer?
We are a full service technology company, with deep manufacturing expertise. Our products include online designers, order management, production management, manufacturing automation and CAD tools. Our platform solution includes e-commerce, managed payments, order fulfillment, social media channel tools, mobile designer app for iOS & Android.

We also offer an entire range of textile engineering services like pattern making, grading, color matching, prototyping and small batch manufacturing.
What are "textile engineering" services?
Over the years, we have leveraged our deep understanding of manufacturing to create a strong technology company with patented products. Besides software, we offer an entire range of textile engineering services like pattern making, grading, color matching, RIP setup, prototyping and small batch manufacturing. If you want a new product designed professionally, or want to know how to print on a new fabric type or what is the best configuration for a particular printer, you can call on our professional services, for a fee.
How do I get paid?
You can setup your payment and charge methods on our settings page. You will receive your order amount less any payment processing and transaction fees to your account immediately.
Do I get my own e-store?
Yes! When you signup, you get, complete with your own SSL secure certificate for your in-store payments! You can add your own domain name and website design as well.
Can I license the "photo to design" mobile app for my business?
Yes, you can. Please contact us for pricing and details.
What payment methods do you support?
We offer fully managed payment processing services. You can setup your payment and charge methods on our settings page. Your customers can pay using all major credit and debit cards.
Do you support social commerce?
Yes, of course! We provide direct integration to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You can promote your designs and business directly from your dashboard. You can also setup an in-app Facebook store for your business.
Do I get my own facebook store?
Yes, you can setup your own facebook store from your dashboard. Please signup to see pricing and details.
Can I get my own website theme?
Yes, absolutely. Please signup to see pricing and details.
Why design in 3D?
3D is a natural way to visualize and intuitive to design. Your designers and customers can communicate in real 3D, exactly as the product will be made. View, collaborate and edit complex designs in real 3D, when Illustrations, sketches and text descriptions are just not enough to convey the intricacies of the design. The more complex the product (jacket, women's dress or wedding gown) the less intuitive it is to visualize in 2D.
Does the product designer work on mobiles & tablets?
Yes. We have an Android and iOS app that enables your customers to take a photo and design in real 3D on a mobile. All orders, whether placed on the web, mobile or facebook will come to your common manufacturing backend for order management and fulfillment.
Do you support cut & sew?
Yes, of course! We are the only software that has been built grounds up for manufacturing. We support part custom, full custom, cut & sew production and mass manufacturing integration.
What manufacturing methods do you support?
Our backend work with silk screens, sublimation & direct to textile printing. A variety of file formats are supported for both designing and output - JPG, PNG, AI, PDF, SVG. You can configure any dpi you want for your own products.
What products can I make?
Apparel, accessories, soft good, hard goods, shoes, skate boards, car wraps, seat covers to furnishings, we got you covered!
How do I setup a product?
You can choose from our extensive catalog of apparel or accessory with part-custom or cut & sew and configure it to your needs. You can also send in a service request to create an exclusive, new product for a small fee.
How do you claim that your backend saves me cost & time?
Welcome to the world of manufacturing automation. Using our patented designer, you can design once for multiple sizes and products - that is a huge saving in time and cost, on tens of SKUs you didn't have to design, but are still available for purchase. We are also the only online designer that gets you production ready patterns, not spec sheets. No more guessing or Photoshop editing. Just print, cut & sew!

Running team rosters? Want to provide individually personalized corporate merchandize? Use our powerful manufacturing automation tools to create production ready patterns for each size and design automatically.