You design. We deliver!

MyWear® is the only integrated platform to let you launch your own line of apparel or accessory, designed, produced and delivered to order, with no minimum order quantities. MyWear® provides you with everything you need: design tools, e-store, manufacturing & fulfillment.

Launch your own line of apparel or accessory, designed, produced and delivered to order, with no minimum order quantities
MyWear - Design


3D Visual Design Tool.

MyWear - Sell


Your Branded Store. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

MyWear - Make


On-demand Manufacturing. No minimum quantity.

MyWear - Ship


Drop ship to multiple countries.


Diverse products

Choose from a wide range of products across customer segments - Tees, Tops, Dresses, Backpacks, Messenger bags and Raglans across Kids, Men, Women and Extended Sizes in Synthetic, Cotton, Polyester, Silk or Blends.

Full-bleed prints

Don't be restricted to designing inside a box! MyWear® is the only platform that supports full-bleed prints with custom sizes and choice of fabric. Go ahead and unleash your creative skills without any technology limitation.

Unified E-commerce

Promote your products on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest with a single click from our social dashboard. When your customers order on any of your channels, we will manufacture and drop ship it!

What used to take 6 months from design to production, to launch a new product, is now weeks, and at a fraction of the cost!

Stephanie M, Designer
Perth, Australia

I have been looking for years to find a way to do my own tops, dresses and bags with my own all-over designs, in small quantities. I was pleasantly surprised to see a retail quality product, custom made, one-off!

Julia W, Boutique Owner
New York, USA


Can designers anywhere signup?
Presently, we support direct payments if you live in Australia, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK or US. Designers from other locations can still signup, but need to make a request for offline/check payment, once their available balance crosses US$200. We are constantly adding more locations for direct payments.
Is my artwork Copyright protected?
You own exclusive rights to all your original images and artworks you have created and/or uploaded to the Site. We will not use your images for any purpose other than to fulfill your orders. To further protect your copyright, your original images and artworks are never made accessible over the Internet - only a low resolution version of your original image is used for design and display on your store.
What does the designer toolkit include?
On signup you get access to design tools, integrated e-store, pattern generation, supply chain, production, shipping and payment systems. You can also promote your products on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest with a single click from our social dashboard.
What countries can I ship to?
Presently, we provide shipping to United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Netherlands and Norway. We are constantly adding more delivery destinations. So, please check back often!
How does a designer get paid?
You can link your bank account and personal information on our settings page. When customer's buy your product, your sell price, less our price and fees will be paid to your account. If you have not linked your bank account, we will hold the balance till you link your account and transfer. In locations where we don't support direct payments yet, you can request for offline/check payments, once your available balance crosses US$200.
Do I get my own store?
Yes! When you signup, you get, complete with your own SSL secure certificate for your in-store payments! You can choose which products to sell, what price to set and what theme to use. Designers on the Advanced Plan can have their store hosted with their own domain name!
Can I get my own apparel label?
Yes. Additional price and minimum quantity restrictions apply. Please email us for details.
What materials can i choose from?
Since we offer co-creation, it is your customers that ultimately choose their custom size and fabric at the time of placing an order. Our patent pending technology automatically takes care of shrink rates and any fabric specific requirement for manufacturing. Fabrics we support include 100% cotton, polyester, nylon, elastine, spandex, real & synthetic silk, art leather and more. Please see the product details for a full list of supported materials.
Will my products be available in new geographies you add?
Yes! As we add new shipping destinations, all your products will be automatically available for ordering from that region!
Can I cancel my account?
Yes, you can cancel anytime. Once you cancel, the account will be active for the remainder of the month you paid for and will expire after that.
Can I try your service before I signup?
Absolutely! MyWear® is a service of vPersonalize Inc, a pioneer in full custom merchandise. You can design and order from the Design Your Own page on the marketplace. Our proprietary on-demand manufacturing platform allows us to custom make and ship every order in 3 to 5 weeks, without any minimum order requirements!
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